Ben Scragg, Lead Design Strategist

Posted on Thursday, Jan 31, 2019
In episode 33, Ryan catches up with Ben Scragg, a college buddy who also just happens to work just up the road at ASU as the Lead Design Strategist in the Teachers College. They talk about everything from the color of Band-Aids to the upcoming OLC Innovate conference in Denver.

Show Notes

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Little change this week (including a technological glitch that pushed the publication back a day). One of my college classmates that just happens to work at ASU made the trek down to Tucson. We talked about our history together and how, over a decade later, we reconnected through our professional work. I also neglected to get a selfie of Ben and me, so here’s a photo of my studio (again). Enjoy!

This episode includes:

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Ben Scragg

Ben serves as the Lead Design Strategist in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University. As a member of the Design Initiatives team, Ben partners primarily with K12 school communities to drive human-centered, intrapreneurial innovation through design-based approaches. In non-jargon speak, that means Ben works to build sustaining, energizing partnerships with communities that want to reinvigorate their schools.

A perpetual student and frequent novice, Ben earned master’s degrees in philosophy of education (MA) and business administration (MBA) from The Ohio State University, and is currently a doctoral student in Education Leadership and Innovation (EdD) at ASU. Ben is also a former educator with Chicago Public Schools, where he taught high school social studies. In whatever spare time theoretically exists, Ben enjoys exploring the architecture and geography of new (to him) places, and is most likely to be found eating pizza of some variety.