Nicci Ainuu, THINKTANK

Posted on Thursday, Jan 17, 2019
In episode 32, Ryan has the tremendous pleasure of speaking with Nicci Ainuu, the Administrative Services Manager at UA’s THINKTANK, a hub for academic support for students across the University of Arizona. They talk about the services it provides, how you can benefit from it or even become a tutor, yourself, and the importance of catching up on cancelled television shows.

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Ryan and Nicci

Welcome back to season four! In the first episode of this season with a guest I’m thrilled to have Nicci Ainuu on to speak about the UA’s THINKTANK, a tutoring and support hub that has enough student workers to call itself a small army. We talk about everything from the services the THINKTANK provides to how Nicci ended up here. Enjoy!

This episode includes:

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Nicci Ainuu

Nicci hesitantly began her academic journey in community college with very little faith in her ability to be successful in higher education. Twelve years later, she has earned a BA in Linguistics with a minor in Counseling from San Francisco State University, is currently working on an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northern Arizona University, and plans to pursue a doctorate. She has also worked and volunteered in multiple roles in student affairs for ten years, so it’s safe to say that higher education has worked out well for her!

She credits much of her success to the on-campus work and extra-curricular activities she was engaged in and to the mentors who challenged her to see herself differently and dream bigger. Her experiences have inspired her passion for helping college students develop academically, professionally, and personally. She currently works as the Administrative Services Manager at THINK TANK, where she manages a team of student and professional staff who welcome students and help them connect to academic support services and resources. Nicci values the variety in her work and how she can improve the student experience at THINK TANK from the details of streamlining administrative procedures to the expansive work of creating meaningful professional development opportunities for Desk Assistants.

When she is not working or studying, Nicci enjoys binge watching TV shows that were popular two or more years ago, reading about personality types and introverts, making Instastories about waiting for laundry to dry, and trying to resolve her chronic existential dread.